We think of ourselves as stewards of both the Banff Beaver Cabins and the beautiful surrounding Rocky Mountains. This is why we take environmental conservation, preservation and protection very seriously.
We work hard to minimize our impact, recycle and use organic supplies where we can, to ensure that the pristine beauty of Banff and the surrounding majestic mountains are preserved for your enjoyment and for future generations.
There are times when working with such heritage properties is challenging, but we continue to work diligently to lessen our footprint.

A few of the ways we work to protect nature and minimize our environmental impact are:

  • Avoiding phosphorus based laundry soaps and dishwashing soaps
  • Purchasing our hand and shower soaps from the local Rocky Mountain Soap Company,
  • Utilizing a complete recycling program for paper, metal, glass and plastic
  • Supporting local charities working to achieve similar goals
  • Minimizing use of outdoor pesticides and chemicals which uses toxin-free, all organic and natural ingredients
  • Maintaining a smoke-free property
  • Any suggestions are welcome as we learn how to leave this planet a better place for our children.